The gospel is not popular. Eventually the world turns its eyes, hands, and weapons of mass destruction on the babe of Bethlehem, the truth-teller in the synagogue, the leper-cleanser, the king on his donkey, the ram in the thicket, the exalted once-dead Commander of heaven’s armies.

There are so many talking points about God’s power to save that the gospel appears to have seeped into social consciousness. Yeshua started dropping seeds at age 12, long before he stepped into the fray. After visiting all the villages in Israel at age 33 the powerbrokers turned on him with fierce opposition. How dare he challenge Moses and our patriarchal traditions? How dare David’s son do, without consulting the vast priestly enterprise, what it was commissioned to do?

It really pays to know the power of God and the Scriptures. What they say about life and immortality cannot be tampered with. The disciples showed great courage in turning to journey with Yeshua, not deeper into to law and prophets. We have underestimated Christ and his authority over all of God’s business. To follow Christ will alienate us from the world. What have we courageously discarded?

Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

Matthew 22:29

No one can hide a city deliberately set on a hill. There is too much debate about what is quite accessible and clear.

kyNg – 2theFront

Put out your remix series

try to reach me

With divisions and revisions

You have besieged me

No longer will I let you deceive me

Keep me in chains so u can defeat me

How much longer will you feed this junk?

When an elephant doesn’t need his trunk?

Look behind you when you need me ’cause I’m able

Justice will certainly turn the tables

It might have been a brighter day

mob controlled every play

wicked sat in their scornful seat

running ahead of every beat

predator planning a profiling hunt

racist cream of the crop out to the front

From a song by kyu n ganjy (2018)